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How to develop one on one time with God. 

With our daily life schedules sometimes it can be a struggle finding time to spend time with God everyday, but as you begin to develop as a believer you will find that it absolutely necessary.  Spending time with God daily is so satisfying.  If you are new in your walk of faith you may be wondering what are some different ways that I can spend time with God.

Open the Bible App

The Bible App is one of my FAVS! It is packed with so many devotionals and reading plans. The Bible app has many reading plans that don't require a long time to read, most reading plans are only about 5 minutes per day. You can also connect with your friends and hold each other accountable.


Some of my favorite reading plans on the Holy Bible App are:


Mike Todd - Crazy Faith

Nicole Salmon - Woman on the Loose: Walking Boldly Into Your Destiny

Sarah Jakes Roberts - Don’t Settle for Safe

Cora Jakes Coleman - 7 Prayers For the Ferocious Warriors

Erica Campbell - More Than Pretty

Jennie Allen - Get out of Your Head

Bishop TD Jakes - Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power

Crystal Stine - Holy Hustle: Embrace A Work-Hard Rest Well Life


Listen to Gospel Music

Find a gospel song to listen to. Just listen or sing along. This can help to soothe your soul for the day ahead.  The type of gospel music I listen to always depends on my mood.  Get creative and make playlists for your different moods.


Take some to Meditate to Hear God's Voice

Simply just get QUIET, listen to God's voice. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Think and reflect.


  • Set a time each day for this time, it’s okay to mix it up too

  • Plan ahead what you will do this set, maybe take some time each week to plan for the week ahead

  • Be intentional, make it a priority


Journal with the Holy Spirit

Take some time to journal. Write your thoughts or what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you.  


  • Write about your prayers.

  • Write a letter to God, you can write about thanksgiving or your love for God.

  • Keep an ongoing list of the thoughts that the Holy Spirit reveals to you.

  • Write out your interpretation of bible verses.

By: Monica Devlin

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