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How can you maintain a healthy soul?

I once heard Sarah Jakes Roberts mention the words  “soul care” on a podcast.  That phrase absolutely stood out to me.  I feel like soul care is so much more important than self-care.  Let’s be honest when our spirits leave our bodies the only thing we are taking with us is our soul.  I myself have begun to start practicing soul care. 


You may be thinking what is soul care?

An activity is soul care if:

  1. It connects you with the source of life — God.

  2. It integrates your body, mind, and heart.

  3. It encourages open-handed trust and a release of what you’re not meant to carry.

  4. It allows you to savor beauty and the Giver of all good things.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself what are some ways that I can practice “soul care”... Well here are a few ways.


Ways to Practice “Soul Care” 


  • Study the Word of God

  • Meditate on Scripture and memorize Scripture

  • Attending bible study regularly

  • Journaling bible verses and passages

  • Journal your prayers and thoughts

  • Scheduling a retreat to have one on one time with God

  • Going for a walk and listening to worship music while walking

  • Ordering a book off of Amazon that aids in your soul care practice


These are just a few ways but can get really creative with your soul care practices. The main thing is making sure that you schedule and carve out time for soul care and make it a priority. 

By: Monica Devlin

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